Haughton School

Filename Size Date
Dinner Menu 2021 summer term 29-04-21.pdf 257.4KB 29/04/2021
NSPCC Numbers Day April 2021.pdf 402.6KB 29/04/2021
NUT ALLERGY INFO.pdf 242.1KB 29/04/2021
SUN PROTECTION 2021.pdf 76.3KB 29/04/2021
SCHOOL MENU 2021 summer term.pdf 386.6KB 29/04/2021
Easter Egg Decorating Competition entry form Madeley Town... 114.2KB 29/04/2021
Letter to Parents and Carers re full opening of school fr... 52.1KB 29/04/2021
school countdown.pdf 220.8KB 29/04/2021
Half Term letter to Parents and Carers.pdf 150.7KB 29/04/2021
Terms and Holiday Dates 2021 2022.pdf 157.0KB 29/04/2021
SCHOOL MENU 2021.pdf 383.1KB 29/04/2021
Special Schools Letter 04 01 2021.pdf 164.6KB 29/04/2021
End of term letter Dec 2020.pdf 299.0KB 29/04/2021
New school menu letter Dec 20.pdf 77.7KB 29/04/2021
Christmas card guidance 2020.pdf 975.6KB 29/04/2021
Free School Meals info Nov 20.pdf 101.5KB 29/04/2021
christmas events 2020.pdf 159.2KB 29/04/2021
12 days christmas video consent.pdf 201.6KB 29/04/2021
Christmas Dinner letter 20.pdf 498.9KB 29/04/2021
BH appeal.pdf 902.9KB 29/04/2021
GK Letter Nov 20 re face coverings.pdf 61.5KB 29/04/2021
Letter re lunches - 4, 5, 6 Nov.pdf 31.3KB 29/04/2021
Letter re. Parents Evening Coronavirus Test.pdf 111.7KB 29/04/2021
Free School Meals holiday letter (Breakfast Scheme only).pdf 235.3KB 29/04/2021
Letter for Year 6 Parents with Southall video link.pdf 79.6KB 29/04/2021
Secondary School Place letter from Haughton.pdf 259.5KB 29/04/2021
Secondary School Place letter from T&W.pdf 133.2KB 29/04/2021
Parent governor advert sept 2020.pdf 143.2KB 29/04/2021
ParentPay Cypad instructions for parents and carers pdf.pdf 621.4KB 29/04/2021
SCHOOL DINNER LETTER SEPT 20 pdf.pdf 170.5KB 29/04/2021
SCHOOL DINNER LETTER SEPT 20 pdf.pdf (1) 170.5KB 29/04/2021
Returning to school social story.pdf 3.0MB 29/04/2021
Lunch Menu.pdf 11.6KB 29/04/2021
Letter regarding start of Autumn Term.pdf 229.9KB 29/04/2021
Special Schools Letter 15 07 2020.pdf 159.6KB 29/04/2021
Free School Meals letter June 2020.pdf 127.9KB 29/04/2021
School Meals Update June 2020.pdf 375.0KB 29/04/2021
Haughton School Risk Assessment for return to Schools COV... 133.8KB 29/04/2021
Haughton School risk assessment for phased return to scho... 141.1KB 29/04/2021
Haughton School COVID 19 Return to school Checklist.docx 69.4KB 29/04/2021
Family Fund Info May 2020.docx 12.5KB 29/04/2021
SEND-ParentCarer-Briefing-May-2020.pdf 2.0MB 29/04/2021
GK Letter Nov 20 re face coverings.pdf (1) 61.5KB 29/04/2021