Haughton School

Pioneer Centre Residential Visit - Group 1

We had a great time at The Pioneer Centre!  The children all challenged themselves to try new things and be more independent away from home.

On Monday when we arrived, we ate our packed lunches then had a tour of the centre. We unpacked and made ourselves at home in our lodge.

We all stayed together in the afternoon and had a go at the zip wire and abseiling - there were some really brave people in our group!  After a quick break and a snack, one group went on the challenge course, which is an assault course where you need to climb, balance and crawl to make your way through.  It was brilliant to see everyone being really supportive of each other. Group 2 went to the pond and worked as a team to build a mega raft to float out on the water.  Mrs Reynolds got very wet and some of the children enjoyed jumping in the water! For tea on Wednesday we had fish burger and chips with salad and profiteroles with chocolate sauce for pudding. The kitchen staff were really lovely helping everyone find something nice to eat that they liked.  In the evening we had a campfire where we learned some new songs, played some games and had a boogie! After the campfire we had hot chocolate and showers before bed.

On Tuesday we were all up early ready for a new day of adventures. We had a big breakfast choosing from hot food, cereals, toast and fruit. We then set out with our instructors from the day’s activities. Group one went up to the sky trek trail where some people faced their fears and we cheered them on. Group 2 went caving using torches to find their way through the twisting tunnels. The second activities were archery for group one, where we all had a go at shooting the target and trying to beat our teachers. Group 2 then braved the heights of the trek course and showed off their balancing skills and bravery. For lunch we had BBQ chicken wraps or sandwiches with salad and jam donuts.  In the afternoon we then had two more activities - Group 1 went raft building where everyone paddled to save Gerry the floating barrel and splashed each other with water, we had lots of fun! After that they went caving before getting ready for tea. Group 2 went across the challenge course and everyone tried the obstacles, challenging themselves to go over tyre walls and through tunnels, after that they scaled the climbing wall using cheering each other on as they all did their best. For tea we had pasta bolognese and waffles and ice cream. The evening was spent chilling out together watching a film and eating popcorn, we also went to the shop to spend our pocket money.  Every was really tired after such a busy day so we went to bed a bit earlier than Monday night.

On Wednesday morning we all packed up our rooms and stripped our beds before breakfast. After some fun games with our teachers and lots of photos with our instructors, we had our final activities. Group 1 had a go on the climbing wall where the instructors were impressed by our bravery and have a go attitudes. Group 2 went to the archery area and learned how to use the bows and arrows and played fun games. The final activity was the big bounce where we all had a go on the inflatables. There was a bouncy football goal, a bouncy castle and obstacle course with a very high slide, we all got very hot and sweaty, but we had a great time. After that we had awards and prizes before lunch and home. We all sang songs on the way home and played hunt the horse , cow and sheep.

The children have all been brilliant and have made the teachers so proud - well done everyone!!