Haughton School

Pioneer Centre Residential Visit - Group 2

9-11 May 2023

The children started their residential by making their beds and unpacking their clothes. They ate their packed lunch and then it was time to get busy.

They enjoyed a session of archery and were very quick to learn all of the safety rules and how to shoot their arrows.

During the circus skills activity they juggled, plate span and learned the diablo.

We ate spaghetti bolognaise for our evening meal and ice cream

Campfire was great fun. The children sang lots of songs and had a banana eating competition.

The first night it took everyone quite a while to fall asleep. They were missing their families but were also excited for the next day.

On Wednesday we did the wall climb, abseiling and ziplining. The children were amazing, the adults were very proud of each and everyone of them. They pushed themselves and achieved great heights in more ways than one.

Then we made a raft and rowed it around the pond. Mrs Fenn and Mrs Broster soaked us!!!

In the afternoon after a jacket potato lunch we did the trek course which meant the children were high up again and they were all very brave even when it seemed very scary.

For our evening meal we had sausage and mash and chocolate eclairs.

We enjoyed a bubbly bath and hot chocolate and marshmallows before bed…….. the children all went straight to sleep.

On Thursday we enjoyed caving and the challenge course.

We went to the shop to spend our money and exchange the tokens we had won. We also all had certificates for being superstars and the winners of the tidiest room were awarded a special Pioneer Centre Mug!!!!

After a pizza and cookie for lunch it was time to pack all of our things in to the minibus and say our goodbyes. Everyone was very sad to be leaving, but excited to tell our families about our adventures.